Felix Tse left the corporate world to learn the art of Dim Sum at Michelin starred restaurant Yauatcha. Now he is bringing authentic Chinese food to the streets of London, beginning with the Shengjian Bao. 



Beginnings of an Obsession

Dim Sum - one of the culinary delights of Hong Kong

Dim Sum - one of the culinary delights of Hong Kong

Growing up in a Chinese takeaway, Felix was surrounded by food from day one. Although he began his career in finance, food was always foremost on his mind. Whether it was bringing in home cooked food that brought colleagues back to their childhood in NYC, or sharing Cantonese Braised beef with the team in London, or exploring the culinary delights of Central in Hong Kong at lunchtime, it was always about the food.

After a stint working in Hong Kong, he enrolled for his MBA at Peking University. It was during this time that the true sights, smells and flavours of the food industry hit him. Every day cycling to school he would pass street food vendors, small family owned hole-in-the-walls, massive food chains and of course the high end restaurants. Food was everywhere and it gave Felix an epiphany – food was the industry that he should be in.

After working in Shanghai for two years, Felix decided to say goodbye forever to the suited corporate world – a promise that he has kept right to this day. 



London, UK / Hong Kong

Dim Sum Apprentice


Beginning his professional food journey in Hong Kong, Felix apprenticed for a month with a local wonton noodle shop, learning the intricacies of making the wonton dumpling and soup for the noodles. However, there was really only one cuisine that drew him – the art of Dim Sum.

Returning to the UK, Felix toyed with the idea of Chinese street food in the UK, but wanted professional training – taking the initiative to contact as many Chinese restaurants as possible, he landed a short apprenticeship with an Ex- Chinatown Dim Sum chef prior to landing a job at Michelin starred Dim Sum restaurant, Yauatcha. Starting from the bottom as a Commis Chef, he was introduced to the full workings of a professional Dim Sum kitchen and was exposed to each station – from steaming to cheung fun to wrapping to frying. This journey took him from Yauatcha Soho to the new Yauatcha Broadgate, then to Mykonos’ Hakkasan Ling Ling and back to London.

Pictures of my time with Yauatcha / Hakkasan London & Mykonos




With professional experience under his belt, Felix returned to Hong Kong and China to research Dim Sum in its homeland. Then, after working in market stalls with Cyprus Kitchen in London, he decided it was the right time to start bringing quality, authentic Chinese street food with London:

Sheng High was born.