Timeout Top 50 'London's Best Street Food 2017'

Light, pillowy chicken Shengjian Baos filled with a rich chicken broth (حلال)

 Each bun is lovingly handcrafted using traditional methods.

Photo credit: @scottcaneat

Photo credit: @scottcaneat



Shengjian Baos are pan-fried juicy meat buns filled with a rich soup broth found all over the streets of Shanghai. Typically eaten for breakfast, they are Shanghai's number one comfort food

Photo by Jaime Tung @angloyankophile

Photo by Jaime Tung @angloyankophile

What is Sheng High?

Sheng High comes from ‘sheng’ the first chinese character in ‘Shengjianbao’ and is a play on the location Shanghai, which is where the dumpling originates from.

Our mission is to bring Chinese street food that would not be amiss in China to the streets of London, beginning with the Shengjian Bao.

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Find us:

every Thursday 12pm-2pm at KERB King's Cross

every Saturday 10.30am - 3.30pm at E17 Village Market

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